Tips to Fix pligg-register.exe Error

Are you getting pligg-register.exe error message on your computer? Is this file safe or risky? There are many a reasons for receiving the pligg-register.exe error. would diagnose the pligg-register.exe file and show you how to erase the error message within minutes. Furthermore, you also will learn some useful tips on taking necessary measures to avoid the pligg-register.exe error message occurs again.

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pligg-register.exe information

File name: pligg-register.exe
File vendor: Unknown
File associated:
File path:
Applied to:
Date analyzed:
Last Seen:

What Is pligg-register.exe?

pligg-register.exe should not be terminated permanently if you want to make your computer and the third party programs run stable. In most cases, pligg-register.exe is a safe file in supporting the programs which require this process/file in order to function correctly. Usually, you will be able to find this file in the \Windows\System32\ or the location where you have installed the relevant software. If you receive the pligg-register.exe error message, that means the file is missing or corrupted. In order to get rid of such problems, you should take some measures to do that step by step. Although pligg-register.exe is not a high-risk file, it can be utilized by hazardous parasites as a hidden utility to gain remote access to compromised PC, for the purpose of gaining users' personal or commercial information. The information contains identity details, email information, online behaviors and login credentials to credit card and online bank account.

You May Receive One of the Error Message

Possible pligg-register.exe error messages

Once the associated file is damaged or infected, you may receive the error message showed below:

  • "Windows error loading"
  • "Cannot load the file. Reinstalling this application may fix this error."
  • "This application failed to start because pligg-register.exe was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
  • "The file has caused an error"
  • "Registration: Failed for file C:\WINDOWS\System32\"
  • "Cannot find \Windows\System32\"
  • Missing pligg-register.exe ActiveX Errors
  • Windows pligg-register.exe Startup Errors
  • Windows pligg-register.exe Runtime Errors
  • Windows pligg-register.exe Startup Errors
  • Windows pligg-register.exe IExplore and System32 Errors

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Why pligg-register.exe Occurs on Your Computer?

There are three main reasons for the causes of pligg-register.exe error message. Only when you find out the specific reason can you remove the pligg-register.exe error. If you are quite familiar with the computer, you will find that it is not so complicate as you might thought to fix the pligg-register.exe problems.

1. One of the most common reasons of the errors is an incorrect installation or uninstallation of programs. When you install an application, pligg-register.exe errors may occur if you overwrite an existing file which is occupied with other applications at the same time. In most cases, PC users encounter the pligg-register.exe error message because of miss deleting the file or associated folders. Believe or not, a part of people will receive PC errors after they clean up some programs they don't need. Therefor, every time when you try to delete the programs you should be very carefully.

2. Sometimes, the error message would be caused by the viruses and spyware. Some of the PC threats like to disguise the Windows file running in the background system. You just can not distinguish which is the real pligg-register.exe and which is the fake one. If you have installed anti-virus program on your computer before, you can run a scan for your PC system to identify your system is infected or not. Eliminate the malware and suspicious files on your computer then restart and check if the pligg-register.exe error message comes up again.

3. You never think about that the pligg-register.exe error also would be caused by the registry issue. Actually, over 96% PC errors can be caused by the corrupted registry entries. The Windows Registry serves as one of the core components designed for storing system settings and options. Once any problems happen to the registry files, you may need to face further dangerous and obscure system problems, including system shutdown without notification, Blue Screen of Death problems and program crashes.

What is Windows Registry: Windows Registry has a subtle but important role in all Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 7. The settings in the registry determine how Windows computers appear and how they behave.

Traditional Ways to Fix pligg-register.exe Errors

Restart your PC instantly

This method actually works in some cases when the pligg-register.exe error is not too severe to repair. After you reboot the system, it will reopen necessary programs, including the pligg-register.exe required by windows and the software you are running on it. If the error message still exits on your PC screen, please go ahead to the method 2.

Disable browser's add-ons

If the error message is poping up everytime you launch, run, or close Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome, an add-on may be causing the problem. Here is how:

Disable Internet Explore add-ons

  • From the Internet Explorer menu, click Tools -> Internet Options.
  • Click the Programs tab.
  • Click Manage add-ons.
  • Disabling each add-on, one by one, then click the Disable radio button to identify which is the problem.

Disable Firefox add-ons

  • Open Firefox & click on Tools -> Go to add-on.
  • Select each plugin and disable it.

Change System Configuration.

  • Click Start, and then go to Run.
  • Type "msconfig" in the pop- up.
  • Select OK.
  • Click "Selective Startup".
  • Select only ONE option below, click OK.
  • Enable the Windows Configuration again as Step One.
  • Repeat Step2, and select a different option if the previous reboot is not effective.
  • If the root was detected, you have to reboot the system.

Solution: Follow these 3 Steps to Fix this Windows pligg-register.exe Error

Before editing the Windows registry, you need to make a backup for the registry files.

  1. Click Start, go to Run, and type REGEDIT on the pop- up. Click OK.
  2. In the Registry Editor, choose the registry key you need to back up.
  3. From the Registry menu, select Export Registry File option.
  4. From the Save In list, click the folder where you want to save the backup.
  5. In the File Name box, type a name for your backup file, such as "Options" or "Backup."
  6. In the Export Range box, be sure to select "Selected branch" option.
  7. Click Save. The file is saved with a .reg extension.

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