What’s about the Apple Watch?

Apple watch has been super popular when its debut. Even my cousin talks about it all the time, he listed all the reasons why he badly needs an Apple Watch.

You may be wondering what makes Apple Watch so hot. You can have some answers here.

What is the price?

Apple Watch just claimed its price of the sports models. A 38mm Sport now starts at $299, and a 42mm model is $349. A new Woven Nylon band and introduced new colors in its Sports and leather lineup. And according what the CEO of Apple Tim Cook said, Apple may roll out more options.

Are there more models?

Yes. Each edition of Apple Watch has two sizes which Android watches don’t have. So, you don’t need to worry about your slender wrists any longer.

Can you swap out the band?

Of course, the bands of Apple Watch are easy to fix and match with the watch. You can swap the bands out at will without any tool as long as the band and the watch are the same size.

Which phones does it work with?

In fact, you do need an iPhone to work with it, but it doesn’t have to be an iPhone 6S o r iPhone 6S Plus, an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C can work with it.

What can the Apple Watch do with out an iPhone?

Apple Watch can track your fitness information, play music via Bluetooth, and even make purchases using Apple Pay, all without the iPhone being present.

Can a left-handed use iPhone

Don’t worry, southpaws, Apple hasn’t forsaken you. The Apple Watch works just fine for lefties, because the display rotates. All you have to do is flip the watch over so the Digital Crown is on the left side. Then select “right wrist orientation” when you’re pairing the Watch with your phone and swap out the band so it’s also in the right position. Easy, right?

I am happy if I eliminate your questions, for more information please feel free to ask me and my budies.

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